BidHere Auctions Review

by Carl on June 8, 2012

BIDHERE - Where shopping is funIt’s been awhile since I first introduced penny auction websites as a way to get a discount Macbook Pro.  Although these websites are not free, they can be used to save several hundred dollars on many different electronic items.  The best of these websites that I found is Bidhere Auctions.  There are several reasons why I would use them over any other penny auction website.

The first reason I would choose these guys over the competition is the bid price.  Most penny auction websites charge $1 per bid.  Bidhere only charges $0.60, which saves you $40 per 100 bids.  40% savings is important in todays economy.  Most of their auctions are also “2-cent auctions,” which means that, instead of increasing the bid price by $0.01 every bid, the final price increases by $0.02, which can cause amateur bidders to drop out of the auction earlier, resulting in less  money spent by you.

Another reason why I like Bidhere is the selection.  Too many penny auctions only stock items from 1 or 2 vendors.  Bidhere provides everything from laptops to vacuum cleaners, and video games to coffee makers.  Chances are, if there is an appliance or electronic device that you want, it can be found on Bidhere.

Bidhere is also known for their “Fair Auction Guarantee,” which guarantees that they do not use “bots” to artificially increase the bid price, and also guarantees that employees or their family members are not allowed to bid.  This ensures that anyone who bids is real, and therefore guarantees you the lowest possible prices.  The average user saves up to 95% off retail prices, which is great.  Using a little common sense will save you even more.

However, the absolute best reason to use Bidhere over any other penny auction is their referral program.  This program works a lot like the freebie websites that I usually recommend.  Once you have completed cell phone verification (just like Facebook) you are given a unique referral link.  The best part is that all your referrals have to do to count as verified is to verify their cell phone number, which is easier than the offer process that most freebie websites use.  Of course, you need to get more referrals for Bidhere, but since there is no cost to anyone, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.  250 referrals will get you a completely free 17 inch Macbook Pro.

As you can see, Bidhere is really a first class website.  Although I said that you couldn’t get any free items from them, if you are willing to promote them as a referral, then you can.  And even if you choose to simply go with the bidding, as long as you’re patient and apply a little restraint, you can save thousands of dollars on your purchases.  And in today’s economy, that can be all the difference.

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