Freebie Website Directory

This is my directory of freebie networks.  These are the same ones that I use, and I highly recommend that you stick with these ones as you start out.  These networks are proven to be safe by many thousands of customers.

More networks will be added to this list as I explore them, so check back often, as you may see different networks added when I find them.

Kudos Network

Based in the UK, Kudos Network is one of the larger, more respected freebie networks in the business.  They use a unique, simple to read interface, and offer a variety of free gifts, including iPods, game consoles, Apple computers, cameras, and big screen HDTVs.  Kudos Network is “forever green,” meaning that you only need to complete an offer for your first gift.  After that, you can continue to earn gifts, without having to complete any more offers.

Apple Products           Gadgets           Consoles           HDTVs           PlayStation 3           Mobile Phones


Also based in the UK, FreebieJeebies is one of the most successful freebie networks in the industry today.  They have been featured on Fox News, and are known for prompt and effective service.  Many smaller networks (as well as some larger networks like Kudos) have modeled their businesses after FreebieJeebies.  They offer iPods, iPads, iMacs, game consoles, HDTVs, and Sports Equipment, among many other things.  They are even willing to let you place custom orders, so if they don’t have what you wanted, you can still sign up and receive a quote for the item you were after.  Once you have the quoted number of referrals, they’ll place an order for you, just like they do for the listed items.  FreebieJeebies is “forever green,” same as Kudos Network.

Apple Products           Sports Equipment           Consoles           HDTVs           PlayStation 3           Mobile Phones


Xpango is a newer UK based company that’s quickly becoming a large presence within the freebie community.  They have over 2.5 million members and are growing daily.  They have a very unique website and use a simple crediting system, where 1 offer or 1 referral is equal to one credit.  A referral can either complete an offer or purchase an advertising package to activate their accounts.  Xpango offers a variety of electronics, including the latest tablets and mp3 players, as well as cell phones and game consoles.

Xpango allows multiple gifts per customer.  You can complete multiple offers, refer your friends, or purchase banner ads with your referral links embedded in order to gain credits.

Xpango – Welcome to the Free Generation