How to Complete an Offer if You Don’t Have a Credit Card

by Carl on August 30, 2011

You’ve probably noticed that any offer you find on a freebie website requires a credit card.  This includes free trials.  The reasons for this are twofold.  The first reason is that they use your credit card to confirm that you are, in fact, a real person, and not a robot.  Secondly, once your free trial period is up, they will charge you for continued use of the service.  This is all well and good, but if you do not have a credit card of your own, you may not see any ways to complete your offer requirements, and thus you’ll miss out on that free Macbook Pro you’ve been craving. Fortunately, I know a couple of methods that will allow you to complete this requirement successfully.

1.) For Anyone Under 18 or Living at Home: Use Your Parents Credit Card

This method works very well.  Simply convince your parents to sponsor you on your way.  Show them some proof pics, convince them of the little cost for a big ticket item, and they should help you pay for the offer.  If you think they won’t support your participating in a freebie network, however, you may have to play it a little smarter.  So, try this method instead:

  • Sign up for your chosen freebie network.
  • Select an offer and click it’s link.  Be sure to choose something your parents may want to try.
  • Show them the offer, and convince them that it will save them time or money to use that service.

Many people have used this method with success.  You shouldn’t have too much trouble pulling it off.

2. Use a Friend’s or Roommate’s Credit Card

This method works similarly to the one above.  However, instead of convincing your parents, you need to convince a friend.  This may be easier or harder, depending on how much your friends trust you.  But you should be able to strike a deal.  Offer to pay them back every month for the service they’re going to be paying for, or pick an offer that they’ll use.  Maybe even offer to get them a freebie from your site.  Be creative, and you should succeed.

3. Trade Referrals for the Offer Requirement (Not Recommended Unless Absolutely Necessary)

Currently, only Kudos Network and FreebieJeebies offer this service to all of it’s freebie seekers.  You can request that 3 of your completed referrals be used as a “Manual Credit” that satisfies your offer requirement.  Obviously, this sets you back by 3 referrals for each site you use, but, if you don’t have anyone willing to let you use a credit card, it can get you started.

Alright, folks, that’s it for today.  Hopefully this has given you some ideas to get started with.  If you haven’t taken the leap because you didn’t have a credit card, you now have reason to do just that.

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