How to Use a Forum to Get Referrals

by Carl on September 6, 2011

In a couple of the previous posts, I’ve mentioned that many successful members of the freebie community get their freebies by posting in forums.  Now, I have given a few pointers for doing this, but I didn’t really give any clear, step by step instructions.  So, I thought that I would spend the time today to do just that.  Here’s how you can get the referrals you need by posting on a forum.

Step 1- Finding a Forum:

This may seem like an obvious step, but since some forums don’t allow the use of links in signatures, then it becomes important to find one that does.  Likewise, it is also important to find a forum that is related to the product you are choosing to promote.  After all, people on an XBox forum are unlikely to be interested in receiving a free MacBook.  So locate a forum that is at least somewhat related to your chosen freebie site.  (Suggestion: type ‘”freebie item” + forum’ into Google, and search the results for a forum to use.)

Step 2- Signing Up and Completing Your Profile:

After you have chosen your forum or forums, go ahead and sign up with them.  Once you have done so, find your profile page.  This is the place where you get to present yourself to the community.  Fill out whatever information you choose, but try to keep it professional.  However, make sure you fill out the “Signature” space.  This is where you will put your website/referral link.  Keep this signature simple, but try to sell your link.

Step 3-Become an Active Member of the Forum Community:

Once you have your profile set up, it is time to post.  However, you are not going to start posting your referral links, because any moderator with half a brain will remove these posts, and most likely ban you as well.  Instead, you’re going to join in the actual conversations.  You need to ask questions, answer questions other people have asked, etc…  Our signature will put our link out there every time we post, so there is no need to post the link ourselves.

Being an active member also means posting regularly.  A good policy is to spend at least 20 minutes a day working on earning your freebies.  Keep track of the posts made to you or answering you, and make sure you respond to them in a timely manner. This ensures that your posts don’t get buried and go to waste.

Once you have established yourself on the forums, peoples’ curiosity will cause them to click on your links.  You will be getting a steady stream of referrals and will be well on your way to getting whatever freebies you want.

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