How to Use Smaller Prizes to Earn a Macbook Pro

by Carl on December 26, 2011

iPod and iPhone collectionAs many of you have discovered during your promotions, it can be somewhat daunting for people to sign up for big prize offers, such as a free Macbook Pro.  Although many people want them, most of those people either feel that the offers are too good to be true, or they feel that they cannot fulfill the offer requirements.  Many of these people will still sign up, however.  The problem lies in getting those same people to complete the offer requirement.  I’ve found, time and again, that promoting large items can be disappointing, because the larger items do not convert as well.  Instead, I’ve found it more rewarding to promote smaller items.  First, I’m going to tell you why this works, and then I’m going to tell you how it can work for you.

It’s a known fact that many people don’t believe in getting anything for free.  I’m sure that you’ve met someone that I’m talking about.  They will say, in their loudest voice, in as many places as possible, that it is impossible to get anything for free, legally, online.  These people fail to realize that freebie websites are, in effect, paying you a wage to advertise for them.  However, these same people tend to scare many people away from freebie website offers.  Anyone looking at an offer for a free Macbook Pro is going to be skeptical, just on principle.  Unless you have excellent copywriting skills, it can be very difficult to convince them otherwise.  The people looking at your affiliate link may sign up, but many of them will not complete an offer, which can be very depressing for you.  In fact, that’s why many freebie promoters leave the business.

Likewise, many people who don’t listen to the hype against freebie websites are likely to sign up for that shiny new laptop.  However, they may then look at the requirements and say something like “Why did I sign up for this?  I’ll never be able to get that many other people to sign up!”  These people are also unlikely to complete any offers.  However, they are more likely to complete offers than those people who actually listened to the skeptics.

So, instead of reaching out to the crowd of people searching for a Macbook Pro, try reaching out to the people searching for, say, a free iPod. These people are less likely to be searching for reasons to avoid looking for anything free online.  In fact, there are more people searching for iPods online than for Macbook Pros.  Even better, they are much more likely to complete an offer, because they fell that they can actually get enough other people to do the same.  Some studies have shown that freebie websites offering free iPods average an 80% offer conversion rate. This fact alone makes it worthwhile to consider promoting the smaller freebies.

How does this work for you?  It depends on which websites you are promoting.  If you are promoting an Apple specific freebie website, such as Kudos, then you simply change your affiliate link posts to reflect an iPod instead of a Macbook Pro.  Then, once enough people sign up, you simply use those referrals towards the Macbook.  Likewise, if you are promoting a generic “Gifts” website, you would choose a popular item with a low referral cost, such as an Xbox 360.  Then, if they offer them as a prize, you would choose PayPal payments or Amazon gift cards.  Once you have enough cash, they you could simply purchase the Macbook Pro.

As you can see, this is a very simple change to make to your promotions, but it is very worthwhile.  Getting the higher converting crowd to sign up is going to help you immensely.  It will help you to avoid disappointment, and ultimately, to stay involved in the freebie world.   Good luck.

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